Here is all the information you need to get to the venue, attend the 4 Down video contest premiere and register:

The race course

The track is located in Bukovac, 15 minutes from the athlete hostel

Arguably the fastest track in the World. Just over 700 meters long athletes clear the course in 52 seconds. Athletes must navigate 14 turns, numerous rollers and jumps to make it to the finish corral. A challenge for even the world’s best but also fun if you manage to slow it down. With the new left hand corkscrew this track will possess new challenges and level the regular vs goofy footed playing field.

ATB Park Bukovac
Bukovac 21209,
[Google Maps]

How to get to Novi Sad

The airport you will fly in to is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG):

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport Aerodrom Beograd 59,
Beograd 11180,
[Google Maps]

The drive to Novi Sad:

  • 45 minutes via A1 with approximately 3 euros in tolls
  • 1 hour via 100 without tolls

4 Down Premiere and Registration

The 4 Down Premiere and registration will be held on Thursday night at 8pm in Puberaj, located in downtown Novi Sad.

Mite Ružića,
Novi Sad,
[Google Maps]

Where to stay

  • The official hostel for the World Championships is “The Pool Hostel”

    This hostel features a pool and rooms that become countries. It brings people together and is always a good time. If you’re coming to the World Championships to be with the mountainboard family this is the place.

    Cost: 10 Euros per person per night
    [Google Maps]

  • Another hostel in the area is Varad Inn

    A quirky hostel at the base of the steps of the Petrovaradin fortress. Clean rooms, great service, and friendly staff are highlights of this location.
    [Google Maps]

  • You may also camp at the track!

Places to eat

There are many locations to eat in Novi Sad. Here are a few of our favorites and where you will most likely run into other athletes:

  • Da Mario Plus
    Breakfast and lunch restaurant close to the athlete hostel. They become overwhelmed quickly but have good food.
    [Google Maps]

  • Macak Petrovaradin
    Closer to the Varad Inn hostel. Macak is a great pizza joint but everything on the menu is a good bet.
    [Google Maps]

  • Cafe Modena
    A great dining experience in downtown Novi Sad. In the absolute center of town and across from the chapel this is a great location. Really good pasta, steaks, and an awesome place to meet up.
    [Google Maps]

  • Loft Coffee and Food Bar
    Located in downtown Novi Sad, not far from the chapel, this restaurant has great breakfast, juice, and coffee options.
    [Google Maps]


Again there are many places to enjoy the nightlife in Novi Sad. Most groups will go out together but you will never fail to see your fellows athletes on Laze Teleckog. Here are a few of our favorite locations:

  • Puberaj
    The location of registration and the “4 Down Project”. This bar has a great atmosphere and is a local hangout spot. Head here for a couple of drinks and a little quieter experience.
    [Google Maps]

  • Shamrock Bar
    The local Irish bar in Novi Sad. A locals favorite with a fun cocktail list. You can expect to enjoy a fun night here on Wednesdays.
    [Google Maps]

  • Rakija Spirit Bar
    Well versed in Rakija (the local serbian drink) this bar has them all. Pop in to try a couple and then head on to enjoy Laze Teleckog. Warning: Don’t stay here to long, things can get blurry.
    [Google Maps]

  • Lazino Tele
    Out of all the bars on Laze Teleckog this one is special. 2 floors of fun and enough room to accommodate all of the athletes it always seems to be where everyone ends up at the end of the night. If you come here beware, you may have the time of your life and win a world championship.
    [Google Maps]

  • Cuba Libre
    This location is small, sweaty, and the bar you want to be at if you want to have to much of a good time. When you walk in keep an eye out for Jereme Leafe. If you find him he’ll buy you a bottle of rakija and you’ll watch the sunrise. A staple of the Serbian World Championships.
    [Google Maps]